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(Episode 318) Eventprofs: How to get discovered
Julie Novack

(Episode 317) What’s the importance of unique venues?
Richard Kadri-Langford

(Episode 316) Benefits of booking a meeting space by the hour/day
Caleb Parker

(Episode 309) What’s business growth?
Ryan Pflumm

(Episode 314) What to consider when choosing a venue.
Evon Söderlund

(Episode 313) Planning & managing an event: how can technology help?
Joewin Tan


Companies and individuals are using video interviews at some point in their hiring process, and it is not just for job interviews. Over 60% of event professionals attest to having been part of a video interview either to hire talent for their company, with a potential client or to promote their business by sharing their.. read more →

Marketing is misconstrued to be the turf of extroverts; however, introverts harbor similar skills such as critical thinking, analytical skills, excellent relationship building techniques et al. just like their extrovert counterparts. They require more energy to use them, and this makes it harder for them to get out into the world and market themselves and.. read more →

During my 8 year blogging career I have seen a wide range of blogging mistakes. A few errors seem to afflict most bloggers at one time or another during their careers. If you are making these specific mistakes you can turn things around quickly. Honestly check yourself as you read through this list. Being truthful.. read more →