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(Episode 309) How to train clients in creative thinking.
Susan Robertson

(Episode 308) Video content strategy top tips.
Kevin O’Connor

(Episode 307) How does paid advertising work?
Jared Bodnar

(Episode 306) Leverage existing content for maximum impact.
Donella Muzik

(Episode 305) Does live streaming an event cannibalise the on-site attendance?
James Parker

(Episode 304) How to drive market awareness.
Helena Brancaccio-Miner


As human beings, we are social creatures. Whether it’s through body language, sound, or sight, in one way or another, we’re communicating. Sometimes you can just read what the other person is thinking, and in the event industry, an industry where being socially aware and engaging, it’s absolutely critical that you know how to persuade… read more →

Social media and social networking has almost overlapped to the point of being an interchangeable phrase. But, that is not actually accurate. Social media and social networking are two distinct entities that do share commonalities. This article will help build the elementary Venn Diagram of the similarities and differences between the two. Social Media: Social.. read more →

Pressure, rivalries between colleagues, gossiping, lying, missing deadlines, accusations, humiliation… Do you have the feeling that you are about to explode? Does all of this sound familiar to you? Working in the event planning industry can be very stressful but there are ways that can help you cope with stress at work. Smile everyday You.. read more →