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(Episode 314) What to consider when choosing a venue.
Evon Söderlund

(Episode 313) Planning & managing an event: how can technology help?
Joewin Tan

(Episode 312) How to make your attendees feel connected to your event.
Debra Roth

(Episode 311) How to share your story on video
Ian Garlic

(Episode 310) Does technology integration increase productivity?
Joe Felperin

(Episode 309) How to train clients in creative thinking.
Susan Robertson


Can you gauge the personality of a person without them uttering a single word? The body gives off certain nonverbal cues that make all the difference between how people relate to us. It is the reason that in less than 10 seconds of walking into a room, the occupants of the room already have a.. read more →

At the start of this new year, I think we find ourselves right in the midst of a coming-of-age era for our industry. If you look back to the 1960’s, it’s a period that is now synonymous with Mad Men, Don Draper and Madison Avenue. This was a significant time and represents, for me, the.. read more →

YouTube is the largest video hosting and broadcasting platform in the world. Facebook is the largest social network of the world. Periscope is a live video streaming app from Twitter which can be used on Android and iOS devices. Amid an increasing demand for live streaming of videos, you may wonder which platform is the.. read more →