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(Episode 323) What to look out for on a venue contract
Clare de Brett

(Episode 322) How to get stakeholders on board when implementing new tech
Matt Riley

(Episode 321) What event tech should be and should do
Joe Buckhurst

(Episode 320) What is crisis management?
Marie Lacey

(Episode 319) Can the event industry benefit the economic climate?
Al Turner

(Episode 318) Eventprofs: How to get discovered
Julie Novack


Event planning is the fifth most stressful job. Event planners and most people who are directly and some who are indirectly associated with the event industry rarely strike a work life balance. There are many who are always working and some who have a satiating personal life but then their work takes the backseat. Most.. read more →

Conducting an interview requires extensive preparation. A video interview can become a boring experience for the viewer or it can be intriguing and satiating. While experts will always have interesting facts and anecdotes to share, it is eventually up to the interviewer to weave it all into an interesting narrative. Since an interview cannot be.. read more →

The event industry is one of the most competitive niche industries in the business world where established and experienced entrepreneurs take the lion’s share of the billions of dollars made each year. Statistics show that 70.8% of clients with upcoming events would rather use an event professional with experience, preferably those recommended to them by.. read more →