Corporate Event Planner Teams Are In A Frenzy To Take Advantage Of Mobile Event Apps

A mobile event app means a better experience for all involved – attendees, vendors, planners, and hosts. You can captivate, engage, and inspire your attendees on their mobile devices – devices that go with them wherever they go. What better way to interact with your attendees?

Mobile event apps are becoming essential the planning, execution, and effectiveness of a successful event. Especially at the enterprise level, mobile event apps are crucial to a successful corporate event experience. As opposed to paper-based programs, a mobile event app will offer a customizable, scalable, and ultra-secure platform that your dated event hand-outs and web-based programs just can’t match up with.

As smartphone technology continues to get better and become near-ubiquitous, mobile apps are gaining in popularity. The leading corporate event teams are already looking to take advantage of the advantages a mobile event app can offer, and with event owners always looking for different ways to improve ROI, more brands are looking to mobile for the future of their events.

Why aren’t you looking into mobile event apps? What should you put in your mobile event apps?

What Should You Include In A Mobile Event App?

A mobile event app can have as much content as you’d like in it. Consider some of these options for content inclusion when you’re designing your mobile event app:

  • Attendee List
  • Profiles of the Speakers
  • Profiles of the Exhibitors
  • Personalized Schedules
  • Interactive Maps & Driving Directions
  • Contact Sharing Features
  • Social Sharing Features
  • Flight Information
  • Hotel Information
  • Dining Information
  • Web Content
  • Image Content
  • Video Content

Brand And Customize The UI Of Your Mobile Event App

Build an event app that reinforces your brand and prominently features your sponsors. Choose from different themes, icon packs, and options – all of which will be different, depending on the event app platform you decide to build on. You have a lot of ways to make your event stand out, and you should take advantage of them.

You can choose the icons you want included, or you can even upload your own graphics, to make for a more personalized event experience. You can even re-arrange and re-name the icons to make it easier for your attendees to navigate the event.

A Word About Mobile Event Apps And Sponsors

A good mobile event app should give a way for your sponsors to promote their brand and drum up more business. These sponsors should have better ways to generate more business and market their brand. The happier your sponsors are with the experience, the more likely they’ll want to come back for the next event. If you find a mobile event development platform that doesn’t give you adequate options to showcase your sponsors, then you’d better move on to a new development platform. Your sponsors are the bread-and-butter of your event.

Do you use event apps? How do you customise it?


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