10 Mar 2014
March 10, 2014

Wristbands For Events

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Security Wristbands

Security wristbands for festivals and events have become essential – especially with the threat of terrorism. A company like ID&C can produce wristbands available for next day delivery. That particular company also offers you a selection of additional security features to help stop pass backs, fraud, and secure your admission. Security wristbands have become crucial for big events – because keeping track of all those attendees with such a security system in place can be dangerous.

There are also RFID wristbands that offer the highest level of security. RFID wristbands might become valuable assets to your access control, if you choose to invest in them.

There are additional security features like security weaves, holograms, UV, variable data, barcodes, and patented locks.

Crowd Control Wristbands

Another custom-designed wristband company is Access Pass&Design. They offer a huge selection of material types to suit your budget, brand, and venue requirements. There are materials like standard tyvek, glitter, and woven cloth.

Access Pass&Design also offers RFID-enabled wristbands. These wristbands can enhance the security of your event with an almost impossible-to-replace NFC or RFID tag. Furthermore, tech-enabled wristbands can enhance your social media presence or the social media interaction of a brand sponsor, making a more entertaining attendee experience or imbuing your event with greater value.

Customizable Wristbands For Events

Another company called PDC has unveiled a new collection of wristbands for events. There are a whole bevy of glow-in-the-dark choices, designs, and choices available. There is also the tech-savvy RFID wristband. These wristbands are designed for cashless payments, tickets, and admissions. You can even customize these bracelets with multicolor graphics and text.

Wristbands By Use

There are wristbands for a variety of events, such as the following:

  • Amusement parks
  • Bars & night clubs
  • Campgrounds
  • Colleges
  • Concerts
  • Festivals & fairs
  • Air shows
  • Racetracks
  • Waterparks
  • Hotels & resorts
  • Schools / fundraising
  • Special events
  • Security

Choosing the right kinds of wristbands for your event attendees can make all the difference in ticketing, admissions, and security. Any big event needs a good wristband plan. Otherwise, you never know who is authorized to be there.

LED Light-Up Wristbands For Big Events Like The Super Bowl

New LED light-up wristbands were required at the 2014 Super Bowl. Each guest was made to wear a light-up wristband. These high-tech, LED light-up wristbands are called XyloBands, and they’re radio-controlled LED wristbands that have LIVE control.

LED light-up wristbands could be the future of live entertainment – sporting events, concerts, and festivals.

XyloBands are unique, and they have garnered consumer and critical acclaim. Their interactive technology for special events of all sizes is what sets them apart from the ordinary wristbands that have been mainstays at most events.

XyloBands can light up, flash, or send messages. They are extremely useful at motivational conferences, concerts, special events, and celebrations.

It is likely that you will be seeing a lot more XyloBands at major sporting events and concerts – especially because security is such a high priority nowadays.

Do you use wristbands at your events? What’s the main reason?

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