Your little Yorkshire Terrier is already the cutest, most adorable, and most obedient pet you’ve ever had – why not include him somehow in the wedding proceedings? If your Yorkie is already cute, including him somehow in the wedding pushes the cuteness factor the max. When the priest says, “Let us now have the rings brought forward and presented by the ring-bearer,” why not have a friend give a cue to your Yorkie to run down the aisle to meet you and your bride-to-be with a ring-bearer cushion on its back or a special collar around its neck?

To be clear, you don’t have to own a Yorkie to make this particular trick work. Any obedient dog – or even a well-trained cat – will do. And, you can include your pet in multiple ways at your wedding (the ring-bearer example is just one option).

Some Cute Ideas For Including Your Pet In Your Wedding

While most people immediately think of the wedding ceremony when they ponder ways to include their pet in the process, there are countless other ways your pet can be incorporated into the proceedings at different stages of the wedding process.

Use a picture of your pet in your Save the Date cards.

The Save the Date cards are sent out way before the wedding to let people know when you’re getting married. Why not use a picture of your dog or cat with a placard hanging from its collar with the date on it? You can include a picture of you and your bride-to-be kissing in the background, but make sure the pet is part of the foreground and that the date is very clear. You can also include the date in graphically formatted text at the bottom or top of the Save the Date card as a redundant measure (in case the pet picture isn’t official enough).

Include Your Pet In Wedding Photos

If you have a really unusual pet like a ferret or a pot-bellied pig, why not put it on a leash and have a friend take care of it at the wedding. You can have your wedding photographer snap some photos of you with the pet at the wedding. Plus, a cute pet will entertain the children (even if it is a dog or cat).

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