13 Mar 2015
March 13, 2015

Why Events Go Viral?

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There are contrarian views among experts as to what makes an event go viral. Some experts are of the opinion that there is no formula or specific approach to design events which would readily go viral. They believe that events go viral in a random manner. But many experts believe that all viral events have a few attributes in common. Thus, ensuring those attributes while planning an event will possibly make the event go viral or at least contribute to that effect.

Let us look at the attributes that explain why events go viral.

The first factor is content. What is the event all about, how is the content being presented and how shareable is it? These are the three most important factors. Time and again we have seen simple events with a very simple message, communicated well, end up getting phenomenal exposure. Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? No matter how elaborate, extensive or complex an event is, the messaging or communication has to be simple. It has to be engaging and easily accessible. The secret to making any event go viral lies in the sharing. Unless a substantial part of your target audience gets into the act of sharing, no amount of marketing or promotion will make something go viral.

The second attribute is virtual dominance. In this era, virtual dominance is hard to achieve. There are millions of posts every hour and it is very easy to have the posts about your event get lost in that frenzy. Your posts or content may even go unnoticed. Thus, you have to find a way to make your content or event noticeable. There are some relatively simple ways of doing this. You can use the influence of a speaker, popular personality or someone who has authority in a given niche. When such people endorse your event, share one of your posts or simply mention you and your event, you will get a much larger exposure. For instance, there are influencers on social media, from bloggers to motivational speakers, entrepreneurs to celebrities. Getting even one of those influencers to give your event a fillip may just do the trick.

You also need to work on the details. From using clever hash-tags on Twitter to capitalizing Facebook pages, Google Plus or Hangouts, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube among others, the more you explore and use these mediums, the more exposure your event would get.

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