I am over 30 years old and I find myself watching Youtubers going about their daily lives. Why am I addicted? Why do I want to know what they are doing? Why do I find it funny when they play games? Why do I love it when there is some sort of romance going on?

I find myself watching videos of twentysomething, having a great life. Why? I AM LEARNING. Yes, it’s funny to watch, but I am actually learning.

Do I want to be a Youtuber? Maybe, one day. Who wouldn’t?

But these ‘kids’ are teaching me about business without even knowing.
So, what have I learnt/am I learning from them?

  1. You can start at any age: some of the youtubers are in their teens.

–>It’s never too late, it’s never too soon. Just do it.

  1. Be yourself: no make up, funny laughs, eating habits and so on…

–>Don’t try to impress others. Be who you are. You can’t do business with everyone. But you will with the right people.

  1. Love yourself: show others how they should love you.

–>Put yourself first. Make sure you stand by yourself and your believes and if you don’t already, learn how to love yourself. When you love yourself, others will too.

  1. Do research: They always mention that they have seen other youtubers doing something and they have decided to do it too.

–>Check out what others are doing (friends and competition) and if it’s working for them, and you want, try it out. It doesn’t mean it will work for you, but you never know until you try.

  1. Do what you love: There are lots of youtubers out there, all doing different things, like make up tips or pranks or cooking (and so on).

–>Do what you are passionate about. You can’t make others fall in love with your business/product/service if you are not passionate about it.

  1. You don’t have to be perfect or do things perfectly to be appreciated/followed: No one is born a youtuber. They do teach each other on how to edit for example. They are not afraid of making mistakes, in fact they include bloopers in their videos.

–>You can learn along the way. You don’t have to get it right the first time round. If you don’t get it right, understand why and move on. If you don’t know what to do, ask for help.

  1. Collaborate: They find other youtubers and do stuff together.

–>You can’t do it all by yourself. You are good at something. Others are good at something else. Help each other. Together WE are stronger.

  1. Call to action: at the end of each video they ask for THUMBS UP and to SUBSCRIBE (as well as asking to check out their guests’ Youtube videos too).

–>Tell your followers/clients/prospects what to do. They can’t guess you want them to buy or download or give testimonials if you don’t ask.

  1. They make it easy for you to get addicted to them: they post all previous/future video links below and also links for other social media platforms.

–>Make it easy for your clients to subscribe/follow/register and so on. Don’t expect them to look for things. Don’t expect them to tweet or be active on social media on your behalf. Give them ready to go status/messages/tweets.

  1. They are honest: if they are not happy with something, if they are annoyed at someone, they say it. They make you part of their lives. You get to know them. You are ‘almost’ their friend.

–>Everyone appreciates honesty. Whatever business, whatever the position. Say it as it is. Straight forward. You would be making your life easier.

Bonus: They have fun: they laugh all the time. Although they are constantly using technology/gadgets and it seems they spend theirs lives in front of the camera, they do ‘switch off’, go on holidays and spend time with family and friends.

–>Too many of us are workaholics. Yes, me included. You need to take time off. First because once you switch off, you ‘recharge’ and your mind will be clearer. Second, because there is more to life than just work. Life is too short. Love and appreciate your loved ones. Tomorrow is not promised. Live a full life.

(Thank you for the lessons: ZoeAlfie)

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