Negotiation is a bit of art and a bit of science.

You need to be able to pursue a person without being pesky. You should be persuasive and persistent but never come across as pushy. You should be assertive, professional and rather classy since you cannot appear to be cheap asking for a bargain deal. You cannot have an impression that you are a shark either if you are asking for a much higher price tag. Negotiation is not a very easy job. It is one thing to negotiate with a friend or family, colleague or with the owner of a local business whom you have known all your life. When you are with a relative stranger and have to close a deal, that is when your true negotiating skills are tested.

Here are the kinds of skills you need to become a deft negotiator.

Understand the person you are dealing with. Then understand the entity you are trying to work with. If there is a group of people, try to focus on the person whose call matters. You cannot possibly understand ten different people attending a meeting. There will be one who holds the sway over others. There may be two at the most. Understand them and that shall be enough. The need to understand the person and the business entity is crucial here. Everyone has certain principles. These guide the policies of a company. If there is something that the company doesn’t do or the individual would never do, then you should never start negotiating using that line of thought. Try to find out one area or facet where the decision maker is flexible. Everyone has certain rigidities and flexibilities.

You should always be a smart negotiator and for that you have to be positive. Many people try to indulge in negative negotiation. That works well when you are dealing with consumers. It doesn’t really work with businesses or executives. Business owners and experienced executives know that the fear of loss is nonexistent in their realms. They would always get an offer, they would never be out of the game given a product or service and that someone would be willing to toe their line. Hence, don’t try to instill any unsubstantiated fear of loss. Instead, highlight the positives of dealing with you and then stick to your price or ask for a better one.

Negotiation is always a transaction between two people. It is never a deal between two companies or two teams. There has to be at least one type of connection between two people for negotiation to work. It can be mutual liking or admiration for one another, interests or hobbies, goals in business or just ideologies of running a company.


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