Carnevale Can Give You Inspiration For Any Party At Any Time Of The Year

Party it up European style the next time you have a party. You’ve probably heard of Mardi Gras, right? But, have you heard of Carnevale di Venezia? It’s a ten-day festival that takes place in Venice, Italy, and it ends on the day before Ash Wednesday – just like Mardi Gras does.

How To Throw A Party Carnevale Style

You have to keep three things in mind when you’re channeling Carnevale inspiration for your next party.

  • Décor: Keep it dark and keep it simple: shadows create an aura of mystery, seduction, and romance. Set out candles everywhere, turn out the lights, and have some romantic Italian tunes playing.
  • Dress the part: Make sure everyone gets involved and wears a costume. Ball gowns, clothes from the past, and satin are all good. Masks are required.
  • Beverages & snacks: Sparkling wines from Italy should be purchased. Think about little Italian party snacks, too.

Remember, masks are essential. Imbuing your party space with the look of a masquerade ball would also be good. After those things are checked off, then move on to the ambience: lighting, music, and décor.

How do you celebrate Carnevale?

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