There are a variety of traditions that married couples follow, one of the most important are wedding anniversary gifts. You would be surprised to know that for every major milestone in your marriage, there are certain materials that are supposed to be used as gifts to give to your significant other. As time has progressed, married couples have started to find items made out of the materials instead. Here are some ideas that you can use to help you find the perfect gift idea for your loved one for your upcoming anniversary.

1st Wedding Anniversary

The traditional gift for your first anniversary is paper, but a common gift for modern couples is a clock. You don’t necessarily have to buy your significant other a clock as you can also get creative. If they’re a business professional, buy them a stack of personalized cardstock with their name as a watermark on the paper. You could also write them a love poem and frame it to display in your home.

5th Wedding Anniversary

Typically couples will give each other silverware as the modern version of the 5th wedding anniversary gift as the traditional gift is wood. You can also consider buying them the perfect wood element for the home, whether it’s a small statue to display in their office or if it’s a birdhouse that you can hang outside. The options are relatively endless.

10th Wedding Anniversary

The traditional gift for 10 years as a married couple is either aluminum or tin, though most couples splurge and get diamond jewelry for each other. Nothing says “I love you” more than a nice pair of earrings or great wrist cuffs for your husband’s suits with diamonds in them. You can also find unique tin and aluminum décor pieces for the home.

15th Wedding Anniversary

Watches are the modern gift for couples celebrating their 15th anniversary, though crystal is the traditional gift. Both options can easily be modernized and crystal may be more preferable for your wife if she’s not interested in wearing accessories.

20th Wedding Anniversary

After 20 years of being married, platinum is the perfect modern gift, especially if you decide to buy your significant other some platinum jewelry. China is also a popular traditional gift.

50th Wedding Anniversary

Gold is both the traditional and the modern material that has been declared as preferred for your 50th wedding anniversary gift. There are hundreds of interesting items that you can find made out of gold ranging from drinking glasses to pens.

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