Fun & Affordable Ways To Entertain Clients?

A number of businesses don’t have a sure edge on their competitors. That puts their hopes of success in the hands of salespeople. Your salespeople need ways to entertain clients creatively (without spending a fortune). Let’s look at a few tips.

#1 Host A Wine Dinner At Your Home

Bring in a wine expert as a keynote speaker and match her selections with food from the same area. It’s a way for people to connect and have great conversations.

#2 Take A Client To An Event For A Charity You Support

Galas are great for giving you a lot of time to spend with the client. It’s also super for letting a client see another side of your passions and life.

What Are Some Interactive Ways To Entertain Clients

Young executives are known to mix pleasure with business. Creating meaningful relationships with clients and putting time into treating them is a great way to nurture a business relationship.

#1 Take Your Client To A Concert

Concert tickets are a great idea. Concerts, specifically when it entails a favorite band, create an unforgettable experience that it will be hard for clients to forget.

#2 Take Your Client Skeet Shooting

It’s a little weird to think about taking a client skeet shooting, but it’s an odd experience, and it makes an unforgettable memory.

#3 Take Your Client To The Spa Image courtesy of Voraorn: Free Digital

For both males and females, a spa day gives you and your client a relaxed environment to kick back, indulge, and unwind in.

#4 Take Your Client To Play Golf

Golf has generally been a great client activity, and it will always be one. If your client is a novice golfer, it will be really fun for him.

What other ideas do you have? What do you do to entertain your client in a creative and interactive way?

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