Utilizing Gamification In Your Event Marketing Strategy

You’ve probably been working really hard to promote your company online. However, you might not be getting the engagement you want because you’re not giving your brand’s fans enough incentive to participate in interactions with your company.

What opportunities are you really giving them to engage with your company? What opportunities are you giving your customers to interact with your company? What is gamification, and what kind of effect can it have in your online marketing strategy?

Understanding The Concept Of Gamification

Gamification is applying psychology and game mechanics to further a set of desired behaviors. This has to do with rewards, points, badges, challenges, and games. The idea is to encourage brand participation and engagement. A customer loyalty program, social contest, or game are some examples of gamification in action.

Incentives are a great strategy because everyone loves to be rewarded – it’s in everyone’s nature. Gamification is definitely not a new strategy, though. Trivia, loyalty point programs, contests, and giveaways have been used for decades to spur customer participation with a brand or product.

How Do You Use Gamification At An Event?

An event organizer should identify the behaviors he wants to bring out from different kinds of event attendees, and then he needs to craft a delicate balance of activities using rewards, rewards, and social tools.

For example, organizing teams at events and having them compete against each other, offering swag for event or social participation, or teaching concepts using games are all examples of gamification strategies to use at events.

What To Do When It Comes To Gamification Strategies For Your Event Image courtesy of Posterize-FreeDigitalPhotos.net

• Identify the message(s) you want to relay at your event.

• Define your goals.

• Understand your gamification options and what resources you have to work with.

• Pick your audience.

• Look at the success stories of other events.

Using Gamification To Drive Desired Behaviors Of Participants At An Event (And To Increase Attendee Engagement)

#1. Look at things through the eyes of your attendees.

You have a good idea of what you would like to achieve when you use gamification strategies at your event. This will include Attendance, getting Social, Networking, and Feedback.

You know what you would like to gain for yourselves and for your exhibitors/sponsors, but try to look at things through the eyes of your attendees.

#2 Ask yourself why your event attendees would want to take part in your gamification program.

Competition will just be a part of a successful gamification program. Achievement has to really mean something.

#3 Build intrinsic value into each game.

Don’t be cheap when it comes to rewarding your attendees for event engagement.


Gamification can bring serious benefits for event organizers, sponsors/exhibitors, and attendees. However, if you do it wrong, you’ll end up spending a lot and not having much to show for it. It’s fairly easy to spend a little and get big rewards – with a little creativity.

How do you incorporate gamification at your events? How important is it?


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