Setting up an event and drawing in attendees is a lot of work. There’s nothing more gratifying to event organizers than bringing in a big audience, and having the vendors, sponsors, and attendees walk away happy. Here are some solid ways to boost the attendance at events.

Strategic Ways To Boost Attendance At Your Event

Let’s take a look at some smart ways to boost event attendance. If you’re an event organizer, you might want to print off this article, fold it up, and carry it around in your pocket.

Make Registration Really, Really Easy: This sounds like common sense, but a lot of event organizers aren’t making event registration as simple as possible. Online registration is a must. If you’re not able to do online registration (lack of IT support), then you should delay your event date. Giving attendees an effortless way to register from the comfort of their home or on their smartphone (convenience) is essential. Having online registration isn’t enough though. Hire a good web designer or information architect to organize and present your registration information and registration form. Hire a good copywriter to “sell” your event and make it as fast as possible for them to register on the online page.

Set Up Smart Pricing: You can get a lot of new people to register right when you put up the registration form (way before the event date) by offering a discount for registering early. Set an expiration date for the early registration period, and have the price keep going (at set intervals) as the event date approaches. When you have multiple early bird discounts, people will feel like they have second and third chances to get in for a good price.

Make The Most Of Social Media: Social media. It’s a word that applies perfectly to online event registration. Social is a word that is almost synonymous with the networking at events, and media is just you getting the word out about it. Since so much of events is social anyway, it makes sense to get your event stirred up on social media as fast as you can. Promotion on social media is necessary for your event. Traditional event promotion isn’t nearly as important as getting the buzz building on social. If you direct people from social media to an online event registration form, you’ll find that event registration is simplified and streamlined.

Pick The Right Location: It’s not just the location itself. It’s the name of the location. It’s how well people will remember it. The more you can get people thinking about the venue before the event, the more likely they will be to tell their friends and keep the venue swirling around in their thoughts. Pick a venue that isn’t too far away from most of your attendees, and make sure it doesn’t cost too much. Make sure the venue is unique enough to set your event apart from the rest. On the other hand, choosing a common venue that a lot of people have heard of is also a good idea.



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