Hashtags Will Increase Attendance And Engagement At Your Event Or Conference

Hashtags are essential for promoting your event in the digital sphere. If you don’t use them, you will be skipping an essential component of event marketing.

How To Make Your Hashtag

• Relevant: Make sure your hashtag is easy to remember, spell, and related to our event.

• Original: It’s crucial to choose a hashtag that’s not in use already. Furthermore, don’t pick a hashtag that could cast too wide of a net. Choose a hashtag that is very unique.

• Simple, Short, and Sweet: Concise hashtags are simpler to remember, and they give attendees more character space on Twitter.

• Thoughtful: Make sure the hashtag sounds good when you read it or say it aloud.

How To Promote Your Hashtag

• Promote: Your hashtag isn’t going to mean anything if no one is using it. Promote the hashtag everywhere you can.

• Observe and Listen: Your hashtag won’t just be a way for your attendees to engage with your event, but to get our event attendees to engage with each other.

• Get Creative: hashtags are a relatively new concept, so don’t be afraid to push the boundaries and come up with something really creative. Think about contests, giveaways, or discounts.

Using A Hashtag To Make An Event Live On

#1: You Want Your Hashtag To Outlive Your Event

Don’t use the year of the event in the hashtag. You will have to change it the following year, and people didn’t go to the event might see it as exclusionary and meant just for people who went to the event.

#2: You Want A Hashtag That Is Less Than Eight Characters

A long hashtag can be a problem if you want to leave people a lot of space for tweeting about your event. You don’t want to use up all the character space.

#3: Encourage People To Tweet The Hashtag At Your Event

Keep all the speakers on the same page, and encourage your attendees to tweet at your event. Make sure that you encourage the attendees to use the event hashtag so all attendees and those following from home can follow the event.

Why Should You Use A Hashtag For Your Event?

Hashtags increase the visibility and awareness of your events.

By including a hashtag in all your promotions, post-event thank-you notes, and commentary, you’re not just pulling the conversation together, but you’re also making it simple for attendees to discover attendee interactions and photos with your event.

Do you use an hashtag for your event? How do you use it?

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