23 Feb 2014
February 23, 2014

Tips for Event Safety

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Safety is hardly ever the result of blind luck. The safety at your event can’t just be left to chance. You have to take care to keep everything under control. Let’s go through these event safety tips. They should assist you when you’re trying to create a safe event.

Event safety is a very broad topic. For example, in addition to safety and health considerations, some events may also necessitate licenses from the local authorities. In some cases, you may have to submit a written safety plan to the local authorities.

Exit doors and signs have to be clearly visible too, and they cannot be hidden by decorations, and the exit signs have to remain on. All access to corridors, stairs, and exit doors have to be apparent. There have been several high-profile cases in recent years of buildings burning down and all the attendees being trapped inside, and then dying. That is not something you want to happen at your event, if some emergency does happen. It is possible that you may have to put up additional temporary exit signs at events in order to make certain that there is a clear visibility of exit doors and routes.

Room capacity also has to be considered. It’s possible that the maximum capacities of facilities could have to be reduced corresponding to how much furniture is used and the kinds of activities that are going to happen. If you go beyond the maximum capacity of a facility, it is against the law. It is the organization’s responsibility to take the right measures to make certain that the room capacities don’t get exceeded. Wristbands might have to be provided at events just so that you can monitor the event attendance. If the numbers go beyond the room’s capacity, the police have the right to shut down the event.

Pyrotechnics and fog/smoke machines might also be an issue. There is a prohibition on any machine, chemical, or device that could become an obstacle to egress or ingress like a haze-like visual effect, foam, or fog. However, if you’re putting on an ordinary event, then you might just have TV screens or projectors to worry about, perhaps conference tables, or something like that. However, nothing can get in the way of easy egress or ingress.

Sets and decorations are also something to be considered. It is wise to contact the authorities before you buy any items that could be used for room decoration. The use of paints might have to be approved by the right scheduling office. Spray paints might be a serious concern because of the fire hazard. Because of special fire code and safety requirements, theatrical event set designs have to be approved and reviewed before they can be constructed.

These items are just some of the things on the checklist before you can put on an event safely, or run it smoothly. These are all required, and they have to be taken into consideration. If you leave any of them out, your event could be shut down.

What are your tips?

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