An event has to be educational in some way to be of interest. If the audience knows everything that you are about to share, then there is really no point in them attending your event. If the audience cannot relate to what you are about to present, then either you are targeting the wrong crowd or your event is out of sync. You need to come up with some revelations in your event but those should be relatable or in context as well for the audience. That is when you would have a successful event, one that people will talk about and one that will generate the necessary or desired traction for your purpose.

Now, an event is not classroom training where you would impart knowledge to your audience. One of the objectives is to make the audience accustomed with what you have to present but that cannot happen in the archaic way of imparting education. There can be many ways to roll out the guns and start blazing but here is a secret that can be of immense help while planning.

What can you do?

Welcome your guests to a game, an experience, a contest or anything that you think will entice your audience. People love playing games. It could be analog or digital, an existing game that everyone knows or one that no one has played ever again. It could be an exercise where everyone participates and does as they are told but while having fun. It could be a contest. It can be anything from live audience participation to voting on specific issues. Anything that is interactive, fun and perhaps recreational will be a great way of start.

Whatever you are trying to impart, which could be some statistics or strategies, some new software or a particular system that makes lives easier for your audience, should be at the crux of that contest, game, practice or interactive session. Your objective is to use the data furnished by the audience, the stances taken or the opinions made, the results of the contest or the verdicts of the polls to reveal your findings or what you wanted to share.

In conclusion

This approach highlights whatever you wish to talk about but in an educative way which is absolutely relevant because the generator of the end result was none other than the audience in attendance. We don’t pay heed to educational experiences because they don’t immediately affect us. That disconnect can be taken care of using this approach.


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