Are you looking to keep your event going strong, long after you are gone? Want to boost creativity at your conference? Or are you looking to educate the masses about your particular cause? If so, then youth participation should be a huge part of your conference proceedings. In this article, we will explore how event industry professionals can involve young people. We will also tell you why this is so important. Lastly, we will tell you about the many benefits of including youth in your conference proceedings.

Why Involve Young People?

Involving young people is a great way to reach out to a whole other sector of audience. You can seriously grow the attendance at your conference. Not only that, but involving young people can serve a very educational purpose for young and old alike. Younger participants can bring new outlooks, opinions, and viewpoints to sessions, workshops, and more. When older conference participants see the younger generation being active in or with something they love, it inspires them. And younger people are fantastic at spreading the word about a conference or event they love, growing your conference even more.

How to Get Them Engaged

So how can you engage young people? In many ways. Think about running sessions, tracts, or workshops just for them. Allow young people to sit in on or chair panels or presentations. Have events (like dances, karaoke parties, or concerts) aimed just at their demographic. Think about contests that you can plan that give awards out only to younger participants (or have different age categories in current contests you already offer). Get on board with technology at your conferences, like the use of apps, cell phones, and more. Move your conferences to a more hip, flexible, appealing venue.


What are the benefits of including young people in your conferences? Other than boosting participation and attendance, we can think of many more. Groups are more innovative and creative when they are more diverse. Including younger people creates more diverse conferences. It also gives you the opportunity to always see and welcome new faces to your conferences. Through conferences, younger participants can be put into contact with other youth like them, industry professionals, and more. IT can also allow you to boost the confidence of everyone involved at the conference. When you have a large youth contingent, it says that your conference is important, hip, and worth making note of.


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