Augmented Reality is the simulation of the virtual world in the real world. All that exists in the virtual world, the world of computers, software, games and artificial intelligence, which is simply nonexistent in the real world, is given shape and form and thus an existence in reality. Augmented reality is often considered to be an exact opposite of virtual reality but it is not entirely that. In the world of technology, augmented reality is a more recent innovation than virtual reality.

There are numerous examples of augmented reality from the cinematic world as well. Instances of robots or people being projected out of the screen having a shape, size and form in the real world and has an existence in regards to physical space are what augmented reality aims at accomplishing.

Let us explore how augmented reality would not just change but revolutionize the event industry.

  • Augmented reality can make events fascinatingly interesting. There is always a limit to what you can do in reality. You cannot obviously create everything you want and have the audience experience it for real. But when you are in the realms of augmented reality, you can do it. The fact that augmented reality brings the virtual world and makes it real augurs well for those who are tired of virtual experiences. Audiences are demanding today and augmented reality provides the means to cater to the demands.
  • The level of personalization that can be attained with the help of augmented reality is unmatched. Imagine this, one member of the audience using a special eyewear looks at one speaker on stage and gets to see his or her name, brief bio and can use options to check out their entire history. At the same time, someone sitting next to that guest is perhaps looking at another speaker on stage or probably another guest in the audience and gets to see their identity, bio and other relevant details. Interaction, personalization, relevance and immediacy would be redefined if you can use augmented reality at your events.

Augmented reality would make content delivery an engaging experience.

The audience would get to experience the event in a way that they want and not in a way the organizers intend. Sure, there are challenges and the need for content becomes more diverse and expansive but that can always be attended to if events are to be more effective and eventually successful.



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