RFID and iBeacons are essential components for working with events and conferences. They give attendees the opportunity to find more information about certain products by simply scanning an item with their smart phone and having the information downloaded to the device. Even though the two technologies provide the same results, they are quite different and may be more beneficial for some smart phone users than others.

What is RFID Technology?

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a type of technology that has been around for years. Companies will create tags that transmit information that users may be interested in. To be able to access the information, the user will need a RFID reader or a phone that is compatible with NFC technology. In most cases, Android phones and tablets work quite well with RFID, though iPhone users will need to purchase a separate RFID reader.

The Benefits of RFID

RFID is convenient for allowing people to connect with social media and share their experiences at an event. In most cases they will be able to register their RFID card number or scan an item with a RFID code on it to connect themselves to their social media accounts. They can then upload photos that will be accessible from one convenient location. They are quite useful for allowing companies to track the success of an event and to host different promotions such as contests.

What are iBeacons?

iBeacons give users the ability to take advantage of two-way communication between the app that you’re using on the phone and the beacons in your area. It gives you a more complex and in-depth form of messaging and it is also seen to be much more functional than RFID. Though it is important to note that iBeacons aren’t perfect as you will have to buy an app specific to the event and ensure that your phone is Bluetooth compatible. iBeacons are preferable as they are compatible with more devices than RFID and users don’t have to worry about buying additional accessories.

The Benefits of iBeacons

iBeacons give event hosts and companies the opportunity to send notifications to attendees in real time. They will be able to send out alerts about certain benefits or promotions that they can take advantage of while they’re already at the event. It also gives companies the opportunity to track the amount of people who download the apps, track social media trends, and analyze general interest in the information. This data gathered from iBeacons can be used to generate “Top 10” lists and to let companies know what the most effective promotions were that they offered.

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