If you’re prepping for your first event, or if you’re looking for a way to up the ante with how you present yourself at your next appearance, event booths are essential. And when we talk about event booths, we’re primarily talking about photo booths. Presumably, you at least have a basic understanding of a photo booth. However, a basic understanding of event booths isn’t going to cut it.

And even a basic understanding isn’t going to cover something like a gif booth!

You need to understand your options, and you need to learn how you can potentially use interactive elements and/or social media to create an event booth that’s guaranteed to make a good impression.

Your Event Booth Potential

The marketing and branding potential behind booths is considerable. What you want to keep in mind is your own brand, and what you want to accomplish with getting that brand out there at your next event. To that end, you’ll want to consider your options.

Essentially, there are two main types of photo booths. You’ve probably seen the traditional enclosed booth at weddings and similar occasions. These photo booths can fit anywhere from two to six people, and they allow for a nice measure of privacy. Another nice component to the traditional enclosed booth is the versatility in its size. These booths can be very small, or quite large, depending on how much space you need.

The open-air photo booth is a little bit different. These booths allow for more room, which means more lighting and more equipment can be included in the area. You can also typically have more people in the space. An open-air photo booth is also capable of creating a more party-like atmosphere around your booth, which can help you draw a crowd.

Which of these is going to suit your brand? Consider the value of something like the LiveBooth app, which can be used as a social sharing kiosk, or as a slideshow device. There are an increasing number of options and benefits that go along with social media sharing and photo booths. Allow people to upload their own photos to their Facebook or Twitter, tagging your brand in the bargain. Or create a space on your FB or Twitter page that people can add their photos to.

And what about gif booths? This allows visitors to create and share gifs instead of photos. Is that potentially a way you could improve attention and recognition for your particular brand?

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