If you are one of the hundreds of students considering a career in the events industry, you are going to need to start by getting some experience. Volunteering is one of the best ways to gain experience in this area. The other way to get experience in event management is through internships.

When it comes to finding internships, students typically cannot afford to be terribly picky. However, as a student there are some things that you may be looking for in particular when you are choosing where to spend your time. As a company, it is a good idea to recognize these things as it can help you get the best students. Here are a few things that most students would like to receive out of an internship in event management.


As a student, there is something great about being given a bit of responsibility for the project. While no student intern expects to be put in charge during the first 15 minutes, it would be nice to be put in charge of some of the smaller tasks such as helping guests or managing a room.

It is also nice for students to know what they should expect before they show up to the event. There are times when a student is told one thing that they are going to do at the event only to show up and find out that they are actually going to be doing something different. Students are typically happy to do the less glamorous jobs, as long as you tell them ahead of time that is what they are going to be doing.


Every student is going to have some type of loan that they need to pay off. While students expect to be used as cheap labor and students also know that they are learning from the experience, but you may be surprised to see how much more effort you will get if you pay them a certain amount.

Students are typically after that one thing that money just cannot buy and that is new skills to be able to add to their CV. If your company can help provide a student with new experiences, it is a bonus for any internship. This does not mean that students will shy away from performing the duller jobs, but if you offer to rotate the student around to different areas of the event, they are going to be appreciative.


Contact cards are the ultimate win for a student at any event. Even if the contact is just an offer to have coffee and discuss a job application or a dissertation, students are extremely grateful when they are given an opportunity to build their network.

Students are going to be looking for a real job in the not so distant future, and knowing a person that they can call for advice is extremely advantageous.

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