Social media adoption has been growing at an extremely fast rate and businesses have been flocking to use the different social media platforms in order to advertise their events, improve their reach, and to track potential attendees for their events. Until recently, there was not a great way to capitalize on social media during an event.

There are some events that you attend that will not engage your presence in social media. Some current event planners have been unable to:

  • Collect the social media feed from the event to track engagement
  • Capture the social media presence of the audience members
  • Interact with the audience using personalized platforms for social media

One of the best ways to solve some of the above problems is to use a social medial wall such as the one offered by IdeaCloud. These walls allow event organizers to engage their audience by giving the people at the event a reason to send pictures and tweet. Most importantly, people that do not typically use Instagram or Twitter are given a reason to do so.

Some of the issues that are solved using a social media wall include:

Collection and Organization of Social Media Activity

A social media wall will connect the Instagram, Facebook, and twitter account of your company all in one place. The organizer of the event will pick a hashtag and any content that uses that hashtag will be collected in real time on the screen.

The social media wall is also great because it provides a platform for analyzing engagement. The wall will track the low and high points as well as who tweeted often, which of the platforms were the most popular, as well as the recurring theme of the event.

Capturing the Audience’s Social Media Presence

A social media pre-party can be organizes so that event goers will be given a chance to network virtually and then the social media streams can be used to facilitate meetings face to face during each of the networking sessions. A social media wall is the perfect ice breaker as they provide a tool that everyone will be able to use to their advantage.

Personalized Platforms

There are some events that use a social media wall in order to interact during speaker seminars. An event goer will be able to use a certain social media stream to ask questions of the speakers and to voice their opinions without any of the awkward social anxieties.

Making the Event Fun

Social media walls can be used to promote contests during the event as well as a place to hold competitive games that are based on Instagram pictures and tweets. Tweet-offs, scavenger hunts, and other fun activities are a great way for event goers to interact with each other and these types of games will allow the organizers of the event to gather more traffic and social media attention.

Overall, a social media wall is going to optimize your event in many ways and you will see the results immediately.


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