Social amplification is the foundation of every piece of virtual content that goes viral.

It is not very different from the good old word of mouth publicity. The only difference is that the impact of virtual social amplification is much larger and is not always positive. Word of mouth in the traditional offline sense is strictly limited to the area, region or city. Rarely does word of mouth transcend national and international confinements. They do rarely when mainstream media picks it up. Social media has allowed the classic reference or spreading a word to be amplified and become exponentially more impactful.

Social amplification at its acme can make someone an overnight celebrity, it can transform a company into a brand and it can help a business event become the most talked about thing in town. Here is how social amplification can be worked on and how it would work for events.

At the very crux of social amplification is awareness. You tell one person, he or she informs two more people and before you know there is a chain of reaction allowing hundreds of people to know what you originally said. The news of an event broken on social media or promoted on such platforms will get amplified exponentially. Depending on which city you are in and how large your target audience is, you could reach hundreds and thousands of people in a matter of hours. Provided your event manages to gain traction, you can be staring at a successful event simply by the virtue of attendance well before you actually host the event on the day.

Social amplification requires an influencer and in most cases more than one is necessary. People don’t follow events, individuals or brands unless the opinion makers, experts or their role models tend to endorse an event, company, product or service. Hence, you need to get an influencer or two to endorse you and that will start the chain reaction necessary for social amplification.

From brand mentions to paid posts, online advertisements to viral campaigns such as articles, press releases and other promotional write-ups, videos or any kind of marketing content; everything can be used to enhance social amplification.

While the scope of social amplification of an event will always be limited to its immediate target audience or those who are vested, yet it does become a quintessential element that can change the fate of the event.


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