It isn’t very difficult to plan an Easter party for kids. A handful of activities are good enough to keep the kids busy. However, if the party has to be fun and if it has to be a memorable experience for the kids and their parents, then there should be something special. The traditional Easter eggs and bunnies, the food and the revelry are all part of the larger plan but there should be something truly exciting that the kids will remember for a long time.

Here are some simple and fun Easter party ideas for kids.

  • Egg and confetti cascarones are a fun thing to make. All you need is a few Easter eggs, fill them up with confetti and get the kids to smash them. It can be a loud and colorful activity.
  • Eggtacular relay is another great activity for kids. It is similar to the spoon and marble race. Kids have to balance an egg on a spoon and they have to race across a certain track. This can be planned in a garden, backyard or anywhere that offers a sufficient distance. To make the egg and spoon race more interesting, it can be transformed into a relay. To make the task even more difficult and thus fun, there can be obstacles all around. From balloons to inflatable obstacle courses, there are many ingredients you can mix up for more thrill.
  • Egg bocce ball is another simple activity to plan but extremely fun to play. You can have a traditional take on the bocce ball or you can tweak it a little with specifically colored eggs to make the game more interesting. Likewise, you can plan egg toss. Have eight or ten odd bins or baskets and dedicate each basket or bin for eggs of a particular color. Get the kids to throw in the maximum number of eggs in the right bins according to their color.
  • The hunt for the eggs is a classic activity. You can spice it up in many ways. You can get all the kids in one confined place and get them to find the most number of eggs from the same spread. You may also hide the eggs and provide clues which the kids have to decipher and find the location of the eggs. There are many ways to rev up the hunt.
  • Fuel some creativity and get the kids to create something with Easter eggs and anything that they can find around in a place. You would get to witness some amazing eggsperiment.


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