On Monday the 27th I attended IPG Summer Pop Up in Harlow.

What a pleasant experience it was. I was met, and after getting my Poken device I was given a full 1-1 tour of their new 40,000 sq. foot venue and a great explanation on the latest technology available.

IPG- Incredible Pixel Group- has evolved over time and now has 4 divisions:

Smart AV: ‘The foundation of IPG, offering LED, Multitouch and Audio Visual solutions for the events and exhibition marketing space.

Smart Solutions: Giving leading edge events, conferences, and large-scale productions the specialist backing it requires. Bringing life to ideas through dedicated support from specialist project managers and dependable video, audio and lighting equipment.

Smart Digital: Comprehensive media solutions for event organisers and venues, which transform an exhibition or venue into an innovative, dynamic content-driven space.

Poken: complete event management covering registration, meeting and matchmaking software, digital data collection, networking, analytics and reporting.

P.3 HD LED  Front and BackThere were quite few pieces of technology that amazed me:

P.3 HD LED: it is a series of tiles that can be assembled to build walls of any size for events such as conferences, awards and exhibitions. It has one of the highest resolutions available in the rental market today.

32” Transparent Multi-Touch showcase: amazing as you can have a product inside the box and have all the information related to the product appearing on the touchscreen.

P5 CURVED LED: This is so clever. It’s designed to impact. It can be done in different sizes dipending on the needs.

P.3 HD LEDOutdoor 5.9mm LED Wall: Outdoor LED Walls are fast becoming one of the most innovative and dynamic ways to display content, advertising, videos and live feeds around your event concourse.

Key information were available by each piece of technology and could be collected via the Poken device. I was then able to retrieve all the information I had collected, from the comfort of my office, on my laptop via the Poken device. Poken is definitely great for capturing leads and providing insight into consumer trends, industry movement and post event analysis of marketing efforts.

If you haven’t been, check out the website and book your visit. IPG Summer Pop Up is on until Friday the 7th August!














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