Vetting An Event Planner Is A Piece Of Cake With These Questions

Hiring an event planner is almost like hiring a personal assistant, a promotional manager, and a close friend all tied together in one little package. This person is going to spend a lot of time with you over several weeks (or maybe even months) to plan the event with you, so you need to make sure this is the kind of person you want to work with over an extended period of time, first of all. Understanding that, you are going to need to interview at least a handful of event planners before picking the right one.

To help you choose the right one, I’ve assembled a couple of important questions you need to ask event planners before finally deciding on one:

What Kind Of Events Do You Typically Organize?

Every event is different, and there are many categories of events, as well. Knowing what kinds of events the planner has worked for or managed in the past will give you a better idea into their experiential qualifications to plan your event.

Do You Have A Preferred List Of Vendors Or Event Venues?

Ask event planners if they have a preferred list of event venues or vendors. What they’re comfortable with might not be what you have in mind.

What Services Are Included In Your Price? Are There Any Further Costs That I Could Expect To See?

Even though most event planners are very upfront about all of their fees, sometimes services you think are included are, in fact, not. If you aren’t on top of this, a bunch of little things can add up very quickly. You might go over budget, or worse yet, broke – because you didn’t account for all the fees beforehand. Make sure that you have a very thorough discussion about the fee and services in detail before you hire one.

Can You Provide Me With Some References So I Can Check Out Your Credentials?

Image courtesy of Jesadaphorn:

Image courtesy of Jesadaphorn:

Every event planner should have a list of references that he or she can provide upon your request. If the planner is just getting involved in their line of work, they should still have some kind of a list of events that they have been involved in, even if it wasn’t in a planning capacity. These references are crucial to give you insight into how well your planner has worked with clients before and what you can hope to get from them at your event.

What Is Your Policy On Cancellations And Refunds?

No one wants to bring up cancelling, postponing, or altering their event, but sometimes, special circumstances come into play. These circumstances are often beyond our control. It is extremely important ensure you understand these terms for every event planner you hire. Most planners will charge for all services and hours utilized up until the point of change and any purchases already bought, but not all contracts are the same, so make certain you know these details ahead of time.

What questions would you ask? Or what questions did clients ask you?

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