Public speaking can be daunting or rewarding. It entirely depends on the speaker, the subject matter, the audience and the format of the address. Monologues have their own share of challenges, so do dialogues or interactive sessions. Panel discussions or debates have completely different challenges. An event can be a roaring success if the speaker scores a homerun. Else, the event can be a dud. Let us check out the quintessential elements that can make public speaking daunting and thence a shortcoming or effective and thus rewarding.

Knowledge of the topic or subject is the precursor to a convincing address.

This is why events always call in the experts in every niche to address the audience. No one other than a subject matter expert or specialist in the topic can make a convincing presentation, which can be a keynote address or a panel discussion. Events should not have public speakers who are not that accustomed with the subject or topic. Knowledge paves the way for clarity, the message being delivered is done so in a simple coherent manner and it is the sheer grasp of the subject that will influence the audience.

Public speaking is not just about the knowledge because then the finest scholars would have been the best orators. That is not the case. Public speaking can be very rewarding if the speaker has all the resources at his or her disposal, has worked on his or her posture, presentation and knows the audience. A scholarly lecture is not meant for every type of audience. Likewise, if there are professionals and experts in the audience then layman’s download in the presentation would not work. Posture and overall appearance, the presentation, the tone and tenor, the attitude and how a speaker engages the audience will script the success or failure of the speech.

Knowing the audience is absolutely imperative.

How the matter should be presented, how the audience must be engaged, what kind of symbolism, references and anecdotes would be used will also be influenced by the type of audience being addressed and finally, the facilitations available at the event must be used to their fullest potential.

Speeches that strike a chord, have a heavily personalized content to suit the audience, engagement that employs technology and live interaction will always make public speaking a rewarding fixture of an event. Sans these, the keynote address or a panel discussion, a monologue or an interactive session lacking in substance will fall flat on its head.


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