An excellent PR strategy can set your event apart from the rest, and apart from similar events or events that are happening around the same time. It doesn’t matter if your event is any better, as long as it’s promoted more effectively. That’s the dirty little secret that all marketers know. Of course, you want to ensure that your event provides as much value as possible, but that’s not to say that you can’t give it an unfair edge with the best PR you can afford.

Keep in mind that you are usually competing with several different organizations, companies, and events for your share of the market, and a top-notch PR strategy will help your event stand out to prospects, sponsors, and customers, as well as to the media organizations covering the event.

Public relations should be begun early on in the event planning, after an event manager or organizer has clearly outlined the purpose, scope, and target audience of the event. Giving this critical information to a PR team will make them more effective at promoting your event.

Events are hosted for all sorts of reasons – to promote a project, cause, or idea. Events can range from educational to for-profit to fundraising. Whatever the purpose of an event is, hiring a great PR team as soon as possible should be fundamental to your event.What Can Public Relations Do For Your Event?

Public relations – through social media and traditional media – can do a number of different things important to the success of your event. It can bolster ticket sales and increase attendance, get the word out to new advertisers and sponsors, get a lot of media buzz going for your event, and make the media want to attend or report on your event.

Tips For Public Relations For An Event

Build the PR Plan Around the Event: Outline everything around the event. That includes the channels for communications, what messages you’re trying to convey, and who’s responsible for what. The PR plan should comprise as many media channels as possible, e.g., email marketing, social media, and blog posts.

Start Early: Get your PR outreach campaign going as quickly as possible, hopefully when the venue and date for the event are set in stone. The media outlets who might cover your event usually have very busy schedules, and the more advance notice you can give them, the better.

Give Them a Reason to Go: Every event is going to have some competition coming from somewhere, so it’s a good idea to do a lot of careful planning. Concentrate on the benefits your event has to offer to people (including the media outlets that will be covering your event). Celebrities can be a big draw for some events. Think of something that will get your target audience buzzing or the media reporting. You need some kind of hook, or your event won’t stand out. You can’t expect it to stand out on merit alone.

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