When you are planning an event, there are many things that you can include. However, you can easily make the event better when you incorporate some of the following items in the planning process.

Smart Sounds

This will give you the background noise that you need to help your guests feel comfortable. Music can help set the mood for your event and you will be able to create the right type of atmosphere depending on the type of guest you have in attendance.

Liquid Chalks

These are great tools to add messages to your guests in strategic locations. They will enjoy the fun addition to the event.


Get your guests involved with each with this fun ice breaker game. It is a great way to build an engaging and motivating event that will help conversations get started in the right way.


Every event needs a way for people to charge all their devices; adding a few of these around makes it convenient for all your event guests.

Charge Hub

Charge Hub is very similar to PowerGrid and will have all your guests charged up throughout the entire event schedule.

Gigs 2 Go

If your guests will need to share files among themselves, Gigs 2 Go is a great way to do that. Simply tear off an 8 GB disposable flash drive and the data can easily be transferred from one guest to another.


Let your guests know what others are saying throughout the event with this live Tweet display. Not only is this a fun way to have your guests interact with one another, but it can help promote your event and future events as well.


This is a great item to carry and offers all the features of a Swiss Army Knife. You can give this as a gift at your event or carry it yourself for some last minute adjustments.

Laser Keyboard

More than likely, you will be quite mobile during an event. Having a keyboard that you can easily transport from one location to the next is a great way to stay on top of everything related to the happenings of the event.

Digital Tape Measure

Setting up things for your event has never been easier and you can now rely on accurate measurements without the need of additional hands. With this device, you will be able to measure digitally and accurately, and not need to carry around a cumbersome traditional tape measure.

Aerial photography of your event with DJI’s Phantom 2 Vision

Guest participation is a must when it comes to event planning and aerial photography makes it simple and fun. Through multiple tools, you will be able to bring all your social media threads to one convenient location and make interactions and conversations more likely to happen amongst your guests.


Speaking at your live event has never been easier and you will never need to worry with carrying around a bulky microphone again. This device turns any smartphone into a wireless microphone.

Your event is sure to be successful when you add some of these cool aspects to the planning process. You will easily be able to make sure that your guests have a fantastic time and will be ready to come back for the next big event that you plan.

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