Ever felt that your presentations just are not powerful enough? Want to teach your attendees something that they can seriously use at your next event? Here are some ways that event industry professionals are engaging their audiences, then showing them the importance of perception. By using these tips, you can keep participants excited about the presentation itself. You can then show them just how and why perception matters. Remember these tips the next time you find yourself preparing a presentation for your next event.

Get the Audience Involved

For event industry professionals who want to demonstrate perception on-stage, use audience participation. You can have smaller groups join you on-stage. Then, participate in a quick activity that shows others just how easily they can get confused or make mistakes when doing a simple task. You might want to think about using games like telephone or other verbal physiological experiments to get them involved. Expect comedy, here. Or let everyone as a large group participate in hands-on activities at their seats. Make it into a competition, if you would like. The most powerful presentations use both of the above options.

Show Them How Simple It Can Be

Demonstrating visual perceptions of people can be done in several ways. There is a classic video available online that shows two people playing basketball. Sometimes during the video, a gorilla runs by. Other little things change. See how many of your participants notice after the video has played. Or, you might want to take on the task of changing it up yourself. Think about changing a small detail of your outfit. It might be your tie, the color of your shirt, or just the way you are speaking. See how fast it takes them to catch on to the difference.

Tell Why Perception Matters

Demonstrate to attendees why perception matters. Believe it or not, it matters in everything we do. It is part of the reason why we dress and present ourselves the way we do. Perception, however, can be manipulated to get people to buy in to our business, events, or products. The trick is just doing it right. When we just understand perception we can better access what others think of us and our products. And by just tweaking a few things, we can change what people think about us, and how they think about us. Which is truly pretty amazing.

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