Mobile technology is changing the way that special events happen, and the evolution of technology over the last ten years has dramatically changed how event planners can interact with their attendees. Technology has changed the way that event planners can network with their customers. Event audiences now have a lot higher expectations, and they expect event planners to take advantage of all the technology available to make their event experience as seamless, integrated, and easy as possible.

Mobile technologies are becoming ubiquitous. The number of smartphones sold far outpaces laptops, and everyone will have a smartphone at some point. Taking advantage of the latest mobile technology is a requirement for event planners. Social media is now a part of virtually everyone’s daily routine, and the need for more relevant and frequent engagement is finally attainable.

Event organizers are increasingly using mobile technology for a variety of event-related measures, such as extending the life cycles of events to increasing attendee engagement at events, to improving the whole event experience. Even though the events industry has historically been a slow adopter of new technology, the rapid growth of mobile is forcing event organizers to take notice.

What Did An Event Look Like In The Past?

In the past, an event would usually occur as an isolated interaction at one point in time. For example, an event organize would get the message out to their audience with invitations, registration, and then do surveys and follow-up. This common life cycle worked for a long time, and a lot of event organizers still use it to this day. However, event attendees and audiences are expecting a lot more now.

What Does An Event Look Like Now?

With the rapid growth of mobile technology and new media, event organizers now have the chance to engage their audience in a way that was just not possible before. Before the event, throughout it and after it, messages can be sent through mobile, email, and social media.

By getting to know the audience before an event, event organizers can send out targeted messages that drive engagement and create buzz. The message can be sent again at the event with real-time feedback and communication, and event organizers can get the best of both worlds.

Online event management tools and mobile apps make communication easier. These software tools and apps make the whole event experience a lot smoother for both event organizers and attendees.



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