Mobile Bars For Special Events Keep Your Attendees In Good Spirits

Mobile bars for special events can help keep your attendees feeling loose, talkative, and comfortable. There are companies that specialize in offering mobile catering. They might offer services like mobile bars, event bars, festival bars, etc.

Mobile bars keep your attendees a little buzzed and a little more at ease, by giving them access to wine, beer, and/or mixed drinks. A mobile wine bar is a great fixture for getting your attendees talking, moving, and interacting with one another. Most importantly, it puts them at ease when they’re at a corporate event that would otherwise feel a little stuffy.

Mobile Bar Company Characteristics

Some of these companies will set up the bars and have staff to serve the attendees. Other companies will just sell or rent out the bars, and it will be up to the event organizer to hire their own staff. Mobile bars are excellent additions to big festivals, sporting events, one-day events, corporate events, and concerts. As mentioned, some companies offer the bar set-up and service staff. But, some go even further than that. They offer a complete managed bar experience – outdoor bars, brand activation, sponsorship, cash machines, etc.

Some mobile bar companies offer a higher level of involvement, and you can enlist their services to help throughout the whole bar set-up and planning process. Working with a sales agent at a company, you can co-plan your mobile bar set-up for your event by choosing from a broad range of themes, colors, and styles – and even co-create custom solutions with your input and their resources.

Don’t Forget About Mobile Catering

There are specialized mobile bar companies, and there are also companies that specialize in mobile catering. Some mobile catering companies offer food service from a motorized vehicle, and some will just handle the catering with wait staff and no vehicles. Some mobile catering companies offer food exclusively, and some offer food and alcohol.

While some mobile catering companies are less formal in their set-up and offerings – with meals, dishes, and foods like hot dogs, sausages, tacos, burritos, coffee, egg sandwiches, donuts, and ice cream food served – others are more formal and will cater your event with a variety of high-end dishes and meal options.

Choose From The All-In-One Solution Or Rent The Bar

Most of these companies offer a managed bar experience – with their own bartender staff – along with the option to rent out the bar yourself and use your own event staff.

What do you think about mobile bars and mobile catering? Do you use them?


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