Fundraising events can be quite uninteresting. Although many people and companies are interested in charitable causes and wouldn’t mind to partake in some philanthropy, they do not really like the conventional fundraising events. If you have attended corporate fundraising events then you would know that they are mostly galas, engaging every attendee in myriad ways. It is thus no wonder that such events raise way more money than conventional fundraisers.

There has to be an element of fun or entertainment. Even if the charitable cause is serious and involves some very grave or grievous problems, the approach to solving those problems do not have to be necessarily somber. A doctor curing a patient suffering from brain tumor doesn’t have to look aghast or teary. She can have a positive approach and treat her patient with a smile.

Fundraising can be made fun with games. There are a horde of games you can choose from and you can actually raise more money with such a strategy.

Imagine a game of poker. Now usually a fundraising event requires the attendees to contribute to a certain goal that has been preset or one can donate whatever amount one can and would be happy with. Instead of such a traditional approach, it is better to get attendees play a game of poker and all proceeds of the game can go towards the charitable cause or to the purposed fund. The buy-ins can be reasonable to encourage more players and they can have some fun while donating money. Many people don’t like to donate money thinking that their contribution may be very insignificant. There are people who don’t mind spending a bit of money at fundraisers but they feel intimated by the larger donations. With a game of poker, you are not exactly pitting those smaller contributions against the larger ones. You are simply encouraging more people to partake while having some fun. Imagine how much money you can raise if everyone at the event who wouldn’t contribute otherwise pays about $30 or $50 each at the poker table.

From video games to outdoor games, there is a lot that you can do to make fundraisers more fun. When there are games and activities, people attending the event would be much more comfortable, the mood would be upbeat and we all know that the best things happen when people are happy.

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