We are currently living at a time where technology is changing everything, including the way that events are held. One question that often comes up is whether or not there is still a need for face to face events. While technology has made it much easier to communicate with others who may be far away, the need to for face to face interactions is never going to truly go away. There are several reasons that this can be said with a bit of confidence. Here are a few reasons that the original social media, face to face events, will not become obsolete any time in the near future.

Humans are a Social Animal

When it comes down to it, humans actually like to get together. There is a biological need/desire to do so. This drive is simply a part of our nature and because of this face to face events are going to be a part of our lives as long as we are a part of this planet.

Face to Face Events are More Engaging

While social media, virtual meetings, and webinars are great for exchanging information in a short and somewhat informal manner, a face to face is going to offer something more. The work environment of today can be quite distracting and people’s attention spans are growing shorter by the minute, quite literally. Getting a person to sit through a one hour webinar can be quite difficult.

A face to face meeting or event will offer fewer distractions. Everyone that is in the room will be focused on the task at hand. Attendees that are entertained, fed, and kept informed can be engaged for days at an event. At the very minimum there will be a social contract in place to at least make it look like you are enjoying yourself and paying attention to the information being provided. This is extremely different than at a virtual event. Face to face events provide better opportunities for relationship building, networking, and brainstorming.

Events Make Money

Even in a tough economic environment, events that are profitable are being held each day. A well-conceived and executed event will deliver a high return on your investment. Face to face events will build effective relationships and will provide information that will lead to action. From major public events to simple sales meetings, investing in a face to face event can pay off greatly. A face to face event can be an extremely profitable media business and have long proven to be a cost effective tool for communication.


When it comes down to it, face to face events are as important as ever. While social media and other virtual technology do have a place in this new world economy, it simply cannot take the place of having an event that people attend. In general, people like to travel and enjoy being in the company of one another and that is not likely to change any time soon.


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