Instagram is a valuable tool for your wedding photography goals and for saving memories in a natural, candid way. It’s very different having your guests use Instagram to capture your wedding ceremony and reception. It’s wholly unlike having a professional photographer do the same thing. Who says you can’t have both, though? You could even hire a professional Instagram and social media photographer to capture your wedding digitally and post it to social media. Using all three options can significantly enhance your wedding photograph collection. Letting you see the photographs from multiple vantage points and with multiple filters will make the photograph collection a lot more enriched.

Opting for traditional wedding photography might not be the smartest solution for your wedding. It can be really frustrating to wait for several weeks (or even months) to see your wedding photos. With all the excitement around the wedding, it can be fun to see your friends uploading wedding photos to Facebook and other social media sites. With most weddings having more than 50 people attending, Instagram offers a simple way to get a number of perspectives on your big day, and it lets your guests participate in the wedding photography.

The etiquette with using Instagram at weddings is really up to the newlyweds. They should express clearly to their guests what is acceptable and what is disallowed. In general, most couples are not going to mind you taking your own pictures, but you might want to check with the bride and groom personally first. As described above, sometimes the bride and groom can encourage everyone to use Instagram to snap photos. When all the pictures are taken and uploaded, there is a more candid, holistic perspective of your wedding day. The bride and groom could choose a hybrid approach, too. They might have a professional wedding photographer and also encourage their guests to take lots of photos with Instagram.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can be used to bring the wedding to guests that couldn’t attend for distance, money, or health reasons. Consider having a professional wedding photographer or another designated person be the official Instagram or social media photographer. A live feed of the wedding with pictures is a great option if you want to bring the wedding to everyone that just couldn’t be there. An official wedding blog can give the bride, bridesmaids, and whole wedding party something to look back at when the wedding ceremony and reception is over.

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