Why won’t YOUR salesforce follow-up? Because they can’t… so they won’t…and don’t. And you should not expect them to or blame them for not following up. Whaaaaaat?

Oh they might contact the names the people they know or the company names they recognize. But 86% of tradeshow booth visitors today are NEW BUSINESS prospects – Source www.CEIR.org

So how do you suppose or propose they contract the 86%?

Put yourself it their shoes for just a minute and consider the following Reed Business Information Services statistics as barriers to their lead follow-up success.

  • The cost of a sales call today is $329
  • The number of calls to close a sale is 5.2
  • The number of sellers seen by buyers in a week is 1.8

So you’re probably thinking, why don’t they just pick up the phone and call them?

Again, put yourself in their shoes and consider these statistics regarding phone calls in today’s world of automated answering machines and personal voice mail.

  • It requires 3.4 telephone dialing attempts to reach anyone, for anything. (Want to prove it to yourself; try to call me right now at 630-642-6500. You’ll probably get my voice mail and I’ll get yours when I try to call you back.)
  • It requires 7.6 telephone dialing attempts to reach and identify a (sales) prospect that has an immediate or near future intention to purchase the product or service they inquired about.

Based on the above statistics 50 tradeshow leads would require…

  • $16,450.00 sales call cost
  • 256 sales calls
  • More than 28 weeks to “get in” to see the prospects.

Knowing all that, now, would YOU go through all that effort to follow-up all the leads? Probably not.

So now you may be thinking, if they can’t call on them personally, and they can’t (or won’t) call them on the phone, why not fax them?

  • The CanSPAM act prohibits faxing to individuals without prior “written” permission. So fax is out.

OK, how about email? Why can’t the salesforce follow-up the leads via email?

That question is best answered with a rhetorical question. What did YOU do with YOUR email when you turned on your computer this morning, specifically to those in which you didn’t recognize the subject or the sender?

If you said Delete, Delete, Delete, you’re not alone. Because that’s what the recipients of blind email response to show leads would do because they wouldn’t recognize the sender. While 86% of them are NEW BUSINESS prospects (remember?)

I hope that by YOU knowing all of the above your blame for the salesforce not following up on the tradeshow leads is turning more to empathy. Because it’s no wonder why “Less than 20% of tradeshow leads ever get followed up” and “76% of salespeople view the value of tradeshow leads to be no better than cold calls.” Source – www.CEIR.org

So what’s the solution to the serious problem of poor lead follow-up after a tradeshow?

Continuing education! The answer to the problem is in continuing YOUR education in the best-practices of tradeshow marketing that includes the lead follow-up solution.

Richard ErschikRichard is a sought after exhibitor educator and trainer having delivered more than 350 seminars webinars and workshops to 15,000 exhibitors. Tradeshow Leads To Sales is a company resource for that education in the form of seminars and webinars that tradeshow organizers host for their exhibitors, and individual exhibitors can contact for one-on-one tutoring. To get in touch with Richard, go to www.TradeshowLeadsToSales.com

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