Origami is a beautiful addition to any event as it can emulate real objects such as flowers or general decorations throughout the venue. Whether you are a fan or origami or if you are looking for a cost-effective, innovative, and extremely creative way to make a statement, there are a variety of different ways for you to incorporate origami at your event.

  1. Flowers

One of the largest benefits of this type of paper craft is that there are an array of different things that you can make, especially when it comes to flowers. Origami can be used to make many different species of flowers ranging from orchids to roses. Making these flowers is a great way to add a flair to your event. You can use them in table arrangements, for corsages or anywhere else that flowers would typically be used.

  1. Cranes

Cranes are the most symbolic type of origami as they have been an important aspect of this craft trade for thousands of years. Cranes are said to promote good health and longevity in Asian cultures, therefore it provides an interesting appeal and a hidden message when you use them in your event. You can place them on the tables, use them as table setting numbers, or even give them to your guests as a gift when they are leaving the event. It is a great way to make a statement and to help bring the origami appeal together.

  1. Butterfly Wine Bottle Decorations

If you’re hosting an event where wine is set at the table, much like a wedding, why not decorate the wine bottles? Making origami butterflies and attaching them to the bottles is a great way to add a serene and beautiful addition to a bland wine bottle. Plus, it will certainly be a conversation starter for the people at the table.

  1. Invitations and Thank You Cards

For events that require the use of invitations and thank you cards, why spend hundreds of dollars on invitations when you can make them yourselves and have them be incredibly unique? Origami is a great way to make an impression when your guests open their envelopes for the first time. You can either make them 3D or 2D and glue them to the paper. If you’re having an origami themed event, this is a great way to let your guests know what the décor will be like before the event.

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