Whether it’s a local job fair or international trade show, success is all about projecting the right image. This is especially true for those setting up booths. For those setting up a booth, drawing in the maximum number of people is the key. The more techniques you have for drawing people in and creating dialog, the better you and your company will do. Below are a few ways you can attract additional attendees to your booth.

Tie Your Event To Your Brand

An event is the perfect way to draw a crowd to your booth. However this event takes place, it is important to that it bares some resemblance to your brand. A well planned event will connect your project with an amazing experience, increasing the number of people who will be at and around your booth. What event you ultimately plan however will depend as much on your targeted crowd as it will on your product.

Create a Competition

Give people a reason to come back to your booth. By creating a competition, you can have people stopping by all the time for updates. Make entering the competition easy, and provide just enough of a reward to keep people interested. As many people do not attend shows alone, this is an excellent way to get people to bring their friends and business partners along.

Share What You Know

Whether it is stats that you have picked up through your company or general information regarding your business, if people are interested then it is worth sharing. Shared information can take the form of beautiful pictures, engaging info graphics, and even staff who are willing to engage people on what your group stands for.

The Gift

Give out gifts for people who stop by your booth. One of the oldest tricks in the book, the gift is an excellent way to bring people in and engage them. In addition, whatever they take can have your logo on it, reminding them of your company. Gifts can range in size and complexity. While the pen with a logo on it is a popular fallback, some groups have gotten very creative with their gift ideas.

Cohesive Look

Take a moment to consider how other people will see your booth. Does it look inviting? Does the staff look professional? By having everyone wear company clothing and agreeing on a general aesthetic, you can help to get across to those passing by that you are a serious and well organized group.

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