30 Sep 2015
September 30, 2015

How to Use Video for Fundraising

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There are different types of media that you can use to grab the attention of people, but video is a form of media that has a wide reach and really connects. A video has the ability to really capture your attention and make you feel like you are a part of the action. It is also really easy to circulate and distribute videos online due to the current technology that exists. It seems like video is now the preferred form of media. Even though video can be the best option, it is apparent that many non-profit organizations are behind the curve. Non-profits are often not familiar with using video for fundraising purposes. This means that they need to learn the do’s and don’ts.

Here are the things that non-profits should Do with videos:

Cause Should be Highlighted

The main thing that non-profit organizations should remember when creating videos, is that the cause should be highlighted. This means that the specific organization should not take center stage. It is the mission of the organization that should really be front and center. If you want people to feel the need to contribute to your cause, you need to make them more familiar with what your cause really is.

Short and Sweet

It is important to create a video that is not too long. If you really want to capture the attention of your audience, it is important that you keep it brief. Any video that is longer than 2 minutes in length is most likely too long and will not keep the attention of your audience for the entirety.

Here are a few of the biggest don’ts:

Don’t Aim for it to go Viral

When you are creating a video for your non-profit the goal should be to get people to donate to your cause and become active. You are not looking for millions of views or for a video that has gone viral. What you want is a video that gets people interested in your cause. Trying to create a video that has viral reach is a waste of time.

Don’t Be Ambiguous

It is never a good idea to create a video that is not direct in the action that you want to get out of the audience. This means that you need to clearly state in the video what you want people to do after watching. Do you want donations or do you want them to get involved with your cause in another way? Make sure that the goal of the video is stated over and over again.

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