It used to be that you spent a couple of minutes registering for event, showed up when the event started, and left after meeting some people, hearing some speeches, and schmoozing at the bar.

Social media has dramatically changed all of that, giving event organizers the opportunity to craft long-term, interactive relationships with their attendees.

How To Use Social Media To Enhance Your Attendee Relationship

Engagement: You can start interacting with your attendees very early on by giving them an opportunity to provide feedback for what they’d like to see at the event. You can even post polls on social media and see what your prospective attendees think is important. Giving your prospects an opportunity to define the programming selection, speakers, or scope of the event will give them a personal stake in it – and make them more likely to attend.

Get Plugged in to Social Media: Nearly all events have a main website. However, very few of them use all of the free event listing sites to their full advantage. At a bare minimum, you should create pages for your event on

  • Eventbrite
  • Upcoming
  • Linkedin (if it’s a business-related event)
  • Facebook Events

It can be a little bit of trouble to maintain all these pages, but it’s worth it for the credibility it gives you and the additional opportunities for outreach. A lot of new prospects are on these sites scouring for events in their area. Plus, you will have better search engine rankings with more social media links pointing back to your website.

Advertise on Social Media: Advertising on social media gives you a chance to reach out to your target audience and spread the word about your event. Getting people in your area who would be interested in your event to like your Facebook event page is as good start. You can target advertising by age, gender, location, income, and more. Why not use social media to find the most highly targeted prospects in your area?

Create YouTube Videos About Your Event: Creating original YouTube videos and posting them to social media can increase fan engagement with your social media page. People like watching video, and it will give them a little taste of what the event has to offer. You should also consider posting videos of speakers at your event, and in exchange asking them to post videos about your event on their Facebook pages. This cross-promotion tactic works especially well if your speaker has a big local fan base in the place where you’re holding your event.

Transform Your Attendees Into Promoters: A lot of people like to tell their friends on social media about events they’re going to. You should give your fans easy methods to earn rewards for sharing information about your event. Hold contests or offer prizes for the most attendee referrals. Those with the biggest friends list will often have a distinct advantage – so personally message them if you have the time for it.


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