Pay it forward wedding is a wonderful concept. The idea has been around for centuries but the modern version of the idea is about a hundred years old. Today, pay it forward weddings are more popular than ever before.

In a pay it forward wedding, the couple getting married chooses to contribute to some social or charitable cause, either through the purchases and investments they make or through direct contribution of money and in kind. While tying the knot of holy matrimony, doing something good for the less or underprivileged is not just a nice gesture but also a satiating thing to do.

Here are two ways you can plan a pay it forward wedding.

  • The first way is to work with vendors who would offer some products or services and in the process will contribute to a charitable organization or for a social cause. How it works is relatively simple. Some companies choose to donate a certain part of their revenues or proceeds when you hire their services or buy their products. For instance, an event management company may choose to donate a part of the revenue generated from a wedding to charity or may do something for a just socioeconomic cause on their own with that money. When couples hire such companies or buy products that have such a contribution to charity, the couples are actually partaking in the charitable act.
  • Another way to plan a pay it forward wedding is to directly donate any gift money or the gifts in kind to charities or organizations dedicated to certain specific causes. For instance, there are organizations that look after the welfare of malnourished kids in certain parts of the world. There are organizations dedicated to helping women with breast cancer or kids suffering from cancer. There are various kinds of charitable organizations and not for profit associations that would take gift money or the gifts in kind and extend them to the less fortunate. Couples can also choose to route the gift money or the gifts in kind through vendors who would then work with the charities.

It is always good to give back, especially at a time when one is truly happy and feels blessed. Wedding is certainly a happy time and one feels blessed to have found a companion for life. It is a wonderful moment to do something for the poor, ailing or unfortunate and a pay it forward wedding is the best way to go about it.

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