We have been having such a beautiful weather, that it inspired me and made me think about outdoor weddings.

How To Prevent Outdoor Wedding Problems

If you’re determined to throw an outdoor wedding, then you have to do it right. Outdoor weddings are beautiful and romantic. Outdoor weddings really aren’t as easy as they look, though. There are special requirements and considerations when throwing an outdoor wedding. Outdoor weddings come with more pitfalls and caveats, but if you pay attention to these tips, you’ll have a great wedding dayEnsure Your Guests Are Comfortable (Whatever The Weather)

Try to learn what the weather will likely at the time of the year when you’re throwing your outdoor wedding. Is it going to be bright and sunny? You don’t want your guests dying of heat strokes! Have your ushers pass out bottles of iced water when they are seated. One creative idea is to print out your wedding invitations on a fan that attendees can use to fan themselves during the wedding. Be sure to include a note on the invitation to save it as a fan and to bring it to the wedding. If you don’t want strange wedding invitations, consider passing out fans at the wedding. You should also keep plenty of sunscreen lying around. You can even rent big electric fans. If the weather will be damp and cold, you should tell guests that so that they will bring extra layers. You can even keep portable heaters or lap blankets on hand.

Create A Backup Plan

What are you going to do if it rains on the day of your wedding? The perfect outdoor wedding location will have an indoor location as a backup in case a rainstorm hits. A lot of brides and grooms choose to have their ceremony outdoors and their reception inside. That is often preferable for most guests, because some people just don’t like to be outdoors – but they like the idea of being outdoors for the ceremony. If it does rain, the tables can be pushed back when the ceremony is going on. A tent is one more option, but just for light to moderate rain. A heavy rainstorm will soak the ground and leave attendees drenched.

Can Everybody Hear Everything?

When you think about your dream wedding at the beach, you’re probably not thinking about what the waves, wind, or local crowd is going to be doing. But, the fact is, the outside elements at a wedding can make for enough noise to disrupt the wedding. You might want to think about renting a sound system with little clip mikes for the groom, bride, and officiant. Your DJ might be able to set that up for you.

Image courtesy of Artur84: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Artur84: FreeDigitalPhotos.net


One of the perks of an outdoor wedding is the natural beauty all around you, which takes away some of the pressure on you to decorate. You still have to do some work, though. Check out the site a week or so before the wedding to make sure everything is well-landscaped, mowed, trimmed, and clean. Consider farolitas, torches, luminarias, or strings of lights or lanterns in the trees.

What are your tips? What would you do or not do? What would you make sure of?

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