You have now been planning your event for several months. The special guests and speakers are lined up and entertainment is scheduled. The venue has been arranged and it is now time to share the event with the world. However, there are many events that you are competing with, from VIP parties to trade shows, and everything else. Your potential attendees are likely barraged with invites each day, so the question is, how do you get your event noticed?

There are 3 pre-event strategies that are useful for engaging your attendees before the event. This includes; pushing social media, doing something crazy, and taking online, offline.

No matter where your event is taking place, using the power of social media to engage attendees is going to define relationships with users and your brand. Social media should be integrated into the event from the very start.

The next step is to do something outrageous and crazy. Your attendees are inundated with ads, banners, and sponsored tweets each day. In order for you to get your event noticed you need to do something different. While plugging your information into marketing strategies that have been established will be easier than discovering new outlets, if you want to succeed you are going to need to think outside of the box.

Finally, take your online efforts offline. Do something unexpected in the real world. When a person sees something that they do not expect while they are out and about, they are more likely going to share it with their friends. This can help you spread information about your event in a very quick manner.

In addition, you may want to offer a sneak peak of the event to get people excited. If a person thinks they are getting exclusive content they feel more engaged.


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