Celebrities are not the only ones who have tantrums. There are divas in all walks of life. Working with divas can be frustrating, irritating and can end up wasting time, resources and money. A company, a manager or even an individual will have to learn to deal with divas. Considering the possibility that people who are difficult to work with will not change on their own, it is you who would have to take the steps to resolve the problem.

Dealing with divas is not impossible. What you need is an understanding of why they are behaving in the manner that they are. It all begins with their thought process. The way they see and do things is different from others. That is the crux of the problem. People are unique in many ways. How they react to instructions, how well they blend in a team or not, whether they have a proactive approach or just don’t want to work hard; there are numerous aspects that call for attention.

A leader must be calm, have the tenacity to manage difficult situations and there must be a strategy to deal with divas.

  • Understand that divas are going to react, behave and do things differently. Try to understand why they have such an approach and get to that cause. Remedying that root cause will change everything. If that is not possible then there has to be a different strategy to work with such divas.
  • At times, generalizing everyone and instructing divas in the same manner as one would address others will backfire or be futile. What is needed here is a unique approach. The instructions need to be communicated differently. A special treatment may get the divas to back off or to mellow down. Confrontation or an attempt to bring them to the fact that they have some problems will not remedy the situation.

It is also unwise to generalize divas. Some people have such an attitude simply because they don’t like to work with their fellows. Some people have the attitude because of some misplaced resentment or perceived injustice. Some people are outright odd which make them have the tantrums that are quite abnormal for others. The secret to dealing with divas lies in understanding them and treating them the way they want to be treated. Wasting time and effort to get them to change is going to be futile. At the end of the day, you need to extract the best out of them. Changing their personality is not the company objective.

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