While your event may be only a week, a day, or even just a few hours, your event website will be around for months, working to improve awareness of your event while drawing up support and excitement. Lets take a moment to look at how you can create a great event website as well as the kinds of information you should display.

Home Page: Primary Information

A visual representation of the energy and purpose of your event, the home page should be a quick reference where all primary information can quickly be gathered. More often then not, this will be the page that people will link, and should include the most straightforward and direct URL possible.

Information on your home page should include the logos of major sponsors, when and where the event will be taking place, a link to where the tickets can be purchased, upfront information regarding the pricing structure, directions to the event via a mapping plugin, and contact information designed for potential ticket buyers who may have questions. In addition, you may want to add more or less information depending on the specific needs of your event.

Justification Pages and Data

Why is your event so expense/cheap? Why are you holding this event and what data if any backs up your justifications and home page? The justifications page and data is your honest and professional way of conveying to event goers why the price is what it is. More often then not, this will be what event goers use to justify the cost to themselves and to others. “Well, it may have been pricey, but look at all of the interesting speakers and events going on!”

Bios, Highlights, and Drumming Up Excitement

Having a page regarding the content of your event is also another way to make people excited about it. Blurbs about speakers, performers, events, and other will help to drum up support and excitement. An example of bios and highlights done well is the Glastonbury Event website, created every year for the Glastonbury music festival in England. Along with providing incredible information on performers, it also goes to raise a great deal of excitement regarding the event in general.

Social Media Inclusion

No event themed website would be complete without social media tie ins. With easy to add links and features, it has never been easier to make articles, posts, and updates sharable over social media.

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