How Do You Find The Perfect Wedding Veil

If you choose to wear a wedding veil on your wedding day – and some brides don’t wear them – you will be really surprised to learn that your veil options are almost limitless. There are different veil lengths, veils in different colors, veils that trail on the floor, and veils embellished with embroidery and high-end crystals. The list of options goes on forever. It’s no surprise that brides-to-be can get overwhelmed with the options they have.

What Is The Best Veil Length For You?

The primary thing to think about for the majority of brides who decide on veils is how long the veils are.

BIRDCAGE: There is just a tiny amount of veil, and it’s classy in the sense only something classic can be. Anyone who wants to wear a retro gown needs to think about this type of veil that hardly goes over the face.

CATHEDRAL LENGTH: This is a floor-length veil that is most often worn for formal weddings, but you don’t have to go by that. This kind of veil looks optimal when worn with a cathedral-length gown and is certainly an excellent choice for brides who want a really dramatic look.

ELBOW LENGTH: These veils are about 30” long, and they are often matched with gowns that don’t have a train and can add to any design near the gown’s waist.

FINGERTIP LENGTH: This veil is 36” long, and you can wear it with a gown of full-length but isn’t often matched with gowns that have a train. It is kind of like the one step up, in terms of formality, just beyond the length of the elbow.

Factors To Remember When Picking A Wedding Veil

  • Make sure that you always think about your dress’s detailing. You don’t want the accessory drawing the attention of everyone.
  • A cathedral length veil needs to be paired with a cathedral-length or chapel gown. You shouldn’t break this rule. Remember that the veils with the longest length can be hard to get around in.
  • Your height matters, as well. If you are under 5’4”, then go with a veil of elbow-length. If you are over 5’7”, then a veil of fingertip-length will look good on your frame.

What Color Veil Should You Choose?

You might never find the perfect combination for your gown because white has a different meaning to every dress designer. You should be able to get near enough that only the most serious observation will show the difference.

WHITE: If you have a gown that is classic shade of white, then go with white.

DIAMOND WHITE: This is an off-white shade, and it a lot softer on the eyes than white and coordinates well with white silk, which isn’t that bright naturally. If your gown is antique white or candlelight, then pick diamond.

IVORY: This is an extremely soft, light shade of ivory with very light yellow subtleties. If you have an ivory gown, then ivory would work best for a veil.

CHAMPAGNE: Champagne-colored veils have a subtle brown overtone to pair with the dark ivory or champagne wedding dresses and have to be special ordered.

What’s your thoughts on how to choose the veil?

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