Finding A Great Wedding Photographer Is Different Than Finding Any Other Kind Of Wedding Vendor

Unlike the craftsmanship and work of other types of wedding vendors (cake, flower arrangements, music), photographs aren’t the kinds of things you can see or feel with your senses – you aren’t really clear what you’re getting until after it’s all said and done. That means selectiveness and careful research pertaining to personal character, artistic style, and professional workmanship & skills are extremely important when picking your wedding photographer. You have to check out the portfolio of the wedding photographer beforehand.

First Step: Pick A Style

Image courtesy of Stock Images:

Image courtesy of Stock Images:

Before you start researching photographers, you’ll have to first decide what kind of photography style you want, because that will help determine what kind of photographer you’d like to shoot your wedding.

Second Step: Do Plenty Of Homework

Begin your search by reading extensive reviews from previous brides and looking through several dozen local listings. You might even want to look through hundreds of local listings. Then, check out the websites of the photographers who have the best reviews. Check out their galleries and portfolios. If you look at the photos of other weddings they’ve shot, it will give you a great idea of their style. The design of the website can even tell you a lot about the photographer’s taste, sensibility, and personality. Try to check out their social media pages, too, if you can. Is the client feedback good? How does the photographer act with their clients?

Third Step: Set Up Several Interviews

You cannot make this decision on looks alone – you have to talk to your potential photographers face-to-face. If you’re happy with what you see on their websites – and their prices are in your ballpark – call them up to see if they can be there for your wedding date. If the photographer is already scheduled for another weeding on your date, you may want to see if he or she has a friend or colleague he can recommend – another photographer with a similar style. If you’ve already selected this photographer based on his style, you might be disappointed that he is not available. That photographer might have some colleagues that shoot I a very similar style. Set up face-to-face meetings with three to five potential photographers who are available on the wedding date to see more of their work and check out whether your personalities work together. Be ready to discuss your venue, what you envision with your photos, and your wedding style.

Fourth Step: See A Couple Of Full Wedding Albums

You have to actually see a couple of complete wedding albums from the photographers you’re considering. Photographers usually have a portfolio of their best pictures on their websites, but you won’t really get a clear idea of what their truly representative work looks like until you see a couple of complete wedding albums. Hopefully, the photographs are as good as the highlight pictures on their websites.

Have you worked with an incredible wedding photographer? What did you ask them? How did you find them? Would you recommend them?

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