When you are planning a wedding you want to include as many of your friends as possible. The groom will often choose their brother or a longtime friend to be their best man and brides often choose their sister or best friend to be their maid of honor. Choosing who is going to be in your wedding party can be difficult, especially when there are children involved. At some point during the planning of your wedding it is going to be necessary to choose who your flower girl is going to be and to start preparing her for her role in the wedding ceremony. The flower girl plays an important role in the traditional wedding ceremony and often times a couple will leave out their choice for flower girl until later in the planning process. Here are some tips for choosing a flower girl and preparing her for her role in the ceremony.

What Is A Flower Girl?

Typically a flower girl will be between the ages of 4 and 9 and will often be related to either the bride or the groom. She may be a loved cousin or niece and in some cases the daughter of a family friend. The flower girl will follow the bridesmaids down the aisle carrying flowers and scattering them down the aisle as she walks.

Choosing The Flower Girl

For some people the choice of who their flower girl is going to be is quite obvious. If there is only one girl that is the right age in the family, she is obviously going to be the choice. However, a couple that has a larger family may find that there are several choices available. This can make it hard to choose. There is no rule that you can only have one flower girl in your wedding, so you could choose to use them all. In fact, having more than one flower girl can make it a bit easier for all of them involved as they will be able to help each other out.

Dress and Preparation

Typically the flower girl will wear a mini version of the bridal gown or a white dress that is similar to the bridesmaid’s dresses. However, any dress that is attractive and comfortable and ties within the wedding theme can be used. Typically the flower girl dress can be found at any bridal shop.

Each person in the wedding party has certain responsibilities and even the adults may get nervous about their roles. For that reason it is a good idea to prepare your flower girl for her role. You may want to get her a book about weddings that is age appropriate. Make sure that the flower girl’s parents are seated in the aisle during the wedding so that they can see them when she is walking down the aisle. This can help calm her nerves and provide her with familiar faces that she can focus on.

The role of flower girl is endearing and you will likely find that your flower girl is going to steal the hearts of each one of your guests.

What do you think? Who should be the flower girl? Should couples choose only one or a few?

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