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Getting the venue just right for your event is arguably the most important factor when it comes to difference between amazing success and horrible failure. When picking a venue, whether it’s a big conference, a small intimate event setting or a major dinner party, there are a number of things to consider when it comes to ensuring everything goes well.

Spending a lot of thought on location is essential to your event planning. If people can’t easily get to the location, or they can’t park or find accommodation, it can put a serious dent in the potential of success for your event.

You want your event venue to be the perfect fit.


The venue location needs to be at the center of your event plan. It needs to have good transportation access, parking access, and nearby accommodation – especially if it’s a multi-day event.


Think about the different kinds of formats. Is a theatre more appropriate? What about an auditorium? Are you having guest speakers? Is it a multi-day event? Are you putting on a trade show?

What About The Price?

Anyone can throw a great event with endless money, but when money is limited, the venue has to fit inside the confines of your budget. Don’t be fearful about shopping around and getting some quotes for comparison.

See The Venue For Yourself Ahead Of Time

It is essential that you look at the facilities for yourself. Try to learn about previous events held at the venue.


Getting the food and drinks right can have a huge impact on the overall event experience. Look into your catering options and think about what your attendees what might want.

Size Matters 

The wrong amount of space (either too much or too little) can cause problems.


Look at the reputation, history, and client feedback of the event venue. Ensure that the service will be good ahead of time.

What are your tips for choosing the right venue?

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