Image enhancement technology has come a long way over the years and using 3D or holograms for your event have become quite popular during the last several years. While neither of the technologies is all that new, marketers for events have been coming up with fun new ways to use them. Perhaps most importantly, event marketers have found that each of these special effects has a path that will make it more effective depending on the event’s objective. Below you will find a closer look at the technologies and how they can be used to enhance your event.

How it Works

Holograms are created using projection. Using a special type of projector combined with different surfaces and angles an image can be made to appear quite real. There are several ways that a hologram can be created in order to make them appear more or less real. There is some math involved in how the projectors will be set up and used during the event.

3D images come in 2 basic types. There is stereoscopic 3D that will require the people at the event to wear glasses and auto-stereoscopic 3D that does not require glasses, but will require a 3D television screen. 3D will require a video to be shot using a special camera lens in order to create the effect that is desired.

Using the Technology

There are many different ways that these technologies can be used. 3D technology can be used to create an ad campaign to be played during the event. An entire world can be created using this technology. For example, different images can be created to make a person feel like they have entered another world or area by using 3D images from a screen.

Holograms are great for events as well. You can depict iconic images that look real. For example, you may have an image of one of the leaders in the industry providing a speech at a conference. Holograms can even appear to interact with other people on the stage. This can be a great way to capture the audience’s attention during the speech.

Holograms can be placed throughout an event to interact with the guests. This can be an interesting way to capture the audience and engage them with a product or brand.


Technology has definitely changed the landscape of events. When it comes to choosing how to use certain technologies for your event it is going to depend on the brand as well as what the event is trying to accomplish. Generally speaking, if you have a stage event such as a corporate meeting or a keynote speaker, a hologram is going to be a great feature as it tends to work best when the audience is kept at a distance as this increases the effect of the actual hologram.

3D is a simpler and cheaper technology that can also be effective during an event. This technology is a better option for a mass marketing campaign.

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