The popularity of hybrid events continues to rise as the world begins to focus more on technology and the Internet. These days it is simple to become a part of a hybrid event and attendees can easily participate through their smart phones and laptops from anywhere in the world.

These events present new challenges to event planners that are looking for the best ways to make sure that everyone receives the information that they need from the event. For this reason, it is crucial to work with the speaker of the hybrid event to make sure that both physical attendees as well as virtual ones are receiving the information that they need the most.

What you should do

When you are selecting the speaker for your hybrid event, you will need to select one that has prior experience with these types of events. With the proper experience, they will know how to interact with the attendees and to ensure that everyone is actively involved.

You will also need to consider the length of your session as well. Usually, a web meeting is most beneficial to long distance audiences if it is around 30-45 minutes. However, it is common for a live conference to run an hour or more. For longer sessions, it is best to break up the time and include an activity in between the session breaks as well.

What your speaker should do

When your speaker is preparing for the event, it is important that they keep your online audience in mind. Materials that they use should be easy to see and read through a camera and great focus should be placed on whether an at home viewer will have the right camera angles to see the material clearly.

They will also need to select a lecture style that will be able to engage with both the people who are physically present as well as those who are watching through an internet connection. People who are attending an event typically do not wish to feel as though they are a spectator, but would rather feel as though they are a participant instead.


Because this is a fairly new item, it may be difficult to find a speaker who has experience interacting with an audience who is not physically in front of them. However, it is vital that speakers are able to engage with both sets of attendees. With more and more events adding a virtual component to the setup, event planners and speakers are beginning the process of coming together in order to find the best ways to engage with this new audience base.

The popularity of hybrid events will continue to climb as time progresses and it is vital for event planners to learn the best methods of including all attendees in the activities of the events. By working with the speaker and expressing your desires for the event, you will be able to make sure that your hybrid event is a success.

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